Following crackdown, e-cigarette shops point to illegal online, ‘pasar malam’ sales to minors

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Groups representing e-cigarette or “vape” traders said today that it wish for the government to set regulations to govern the industry, especially regarding online sales to minors.

malay vape

The Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce (MVCC), Malaysia E-Vaporisers and Tobacco Alternative Association (MEVTA.) as well as 16 other vape traders associations from each state said regulation is needed since the Ministry of Health (MOH) has undertaken strict enforcement, following complaints of sales to minors.

“Following complaints on social media, especially Facebook, regarding traders selling nicotine-based vape liquids to minors, the MOH raided many premises and confiscated their products.

“While we admit there could have been mistakes made on the part of these traders, the lack of regulation with regards to online sales is alarming. So much so that anyone can buy vape liquid online as it does not require you to provide your age,” said MVCC President Syed Azaudin Syed Ahmad during a press conference here.

“If the government puts in place rules and regulations to ascertain one’s age before selling vape liquids for online purchases, it will help identify these rogue traders and leave the honest ones to continue conducting their businesses in peace,” he added…

….read more at Malaymail

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