City Council Candidates Endorse Vape Ban. WTF?

There was no shortage of cringe-worthy moments at last night’s Candidate Survivor, the Stranger’s semi-annual beauty pageant in which candidates for political office humiliate themselves in front of an audience. This was my first time attending, so I’m not sure how it was compared to other years on the Oh Fuck This is Awkward Scale, but when District 7 candidate Jim Pugel—a former cop who was booed each time he walked on stage—announced he had to leave for a family emergency, my first thought was, “Lucky dude.”….


…The reason people who don’t work for tobacco companies want to ban vapes is generally because of the children, and it is true that more teens are vaping now than they were 10 years ago when the only person doing it was Leonardo DiCaprio. Teen smoking is down, but teen vaping is obviously up, and this is a problem. Kids are too dumb to realize that they, too, will someday die, and their sense of invincibility, as well as the desire to fit in, makes them maybe the most vulnerable population for picking up self-destructive habits.

That said, there is little solid evidence that vaping is a gateway drug to smoking, and even as teen vaping rates have gone up, teen smoking rates have remained steadily down.

There is, however, evidence that vaping is an effective way for actual smokers to stop. But that’s not stopping cities from trying to ban them….

….read more at the Stranger

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