Vapor Technology Association Files Lawsuit Against FDA

So far, it seems the FDA

Food and Drug Administration
Federal agency of the United States of America. It belongs to he U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and aims at promoting and protecting public health through the regulation and the supervision of various products among which tobacco products since 2009.

“>FDA strategy towards vaping in general has been to immediately reject it by harshly regulating it. Then, when it comes to collecting the required data on vape products (aka PMTA), the FDA has postponed dates, revised options, extended deadlines and now they are revoking commitments by rescinding previous announced PMTA extension plans — demanding court ordered changes they are ill-equipped to facilitate.

Thus, the first question that comes to mind is — what exactly is going on? This authoritarian form of regulatory representation is unacceptable, unreliable and quite frankly, unAmerican.

Unreasonable Changes

In June 2019, the Food and Drug Administration came down hard on the vapor industry by asking a Maryland District Court to blatantly expedite the Pre-Market Tobacco Application submission deadline for all vapor products by 27 months — requesting that the previously anticipated extension to be reduced 2 years and 3 months sooner, in which a judge obliged.

This move made by the FDA was indeed not only a major insulting sign of disrespect to the consumers and stakeholders of the vape industry, but also an act of unlawful regulatory overreach….

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