Best Almond Vape Juice | Awesometown

Premium e-Juice Flavors: Sugar Cookies+Vanilla+Milk+Cinnamon+Butter+Toasted Almonds

Vape Awesometown e-Juice!

Bottle Size: 60mL

VG/PG: 80/20

When the folks in Awesometown make an almond flavored vape juice they take it to the next level. The result is Toasted Almond vape juice.

This vape juice tastes like almonds on steroids – brown sugar cookies mixed with creamy milk and vanilla topped off with some nutty almonds. You’ll love the flaky butteriness of the sugar cookie. It’s flanked by subtle notes of milk and cinnamon with a bold almond finish.

I love how this flavor matures as it steeps. When fresh, you’ll notice a rich California almond flavor up front. The longer you steep, the more the buttery flakiness of the sugar cookie comes through. Delicious!

Here’s the question – will you steal the cookie from the cookie jar?

Includes: Toasted Almonds e-Juice

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